Welcome to my blog. My name is Wissem. I’m a 20-something programmer and a wannabe entrepreneur. I like creating and building things. I think that bios are hard, how do people manage to write an entire book about themselves? I can’t even write more than 200 characters.
So anyway, I will be using this blog to share and keep track of my ideas, thoughts, projects and so on. This is way better than having notes.txt files everywhere. Also, I want to stop hiding in my little corner and start talking (eventually doing) about a lot of stuff. My goal here, besides keeping a log of everything, is to get as much feedback as possible (maybe accidentally improve my writing skills along the way).

I used to have some other blog where I was writing about useless things in french, it was read only by googlebot, some spammers and myself. I got bored eventually and shut it down. I think I should make posting on this blog (and even using it) somehow fun so I will keep doing it even if I will have 0 readers. I hope you will enjoy reading it and find something useful.:)